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About Safe Passage

Safe Passage has one employee: me. My name's Maggi, and I'm a doula. I received doula training in the summer of 1998 through DONA, and I've since attended three births -- two in hospital and one at home.

I have a bachelor's degree in microbiology and genetics, which helps me to understand the medical literature and give you an informed viewpoint about the most current studies on childbirth. In addition to doula training, I also have experience in prenatal massage to help make your pregnancy and labor more comfortable.

Since I'm not yet certified, I provide my services as a birth assistant for free. I feel the exchange of energy -- my care in return for experience at birth -- is more than enough payment while I am learning. I can provide positive recommendations for my services from past and current clients. I only ask for reimbursement for travel expenses (outside the area) and any supplies we may use in your labor, such as video tapes or rice socks.

My eventual goal is to become a midwife. I feel great spiritual and emotional fulfillment working with birthing women. I am pleased to be able to serve to make birth better, easier and more humane, one woman at a time.

Contacting Me

For more information about Safe Passage and the services I provide, feel free to call me at home at (734) 529-7757. The best time to reach me is the evening after 7 and before 11. You're also welcome to email me; I'll write back within 24 hours.

You can also write to me at:

Maggi Rohde
415 Riley Street, Apt. 2
Dundee, MI 48131
Note: I am no longer living in Lansing. If you found this listing in relation to doulas in Lansing, I'm sorry, but I'm no longer close enough to provide service to that area.

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