Proficiency D

Demonstrate knowledge about instructional management resources that assist in such activities as writing and updating curriculum; creating lesson plans and tests; and promoting, reinforcing, and organizing data regarding student performance.

 Level: Advanced



When working with computers in the classroom, just as with all other areas of learning, the best way for students to understand the importance of a particular skill is for them to see it modeled by their teacher. Computers are no exception. i use computers on a daily basis both at work and at home, and have experimented with several applications for managing classroom information.

I have extensive experience using standard productivity tools such as the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher) and AppleWorks/ClarisWorks, as well as specialty applications including Adobe Photoshop and Publisher. For more detail on my technological experience, see my resume.

I have been a computer user since 1984, when my family purchased our first Macintosh. Since then I have developed my expertise in both Macintosh and Windows environments; I am equally comfortable in both, and regularly convert files created on one platform to the other. I also have familiarity with the Unix operating system. My students benefit from having a teacher who can understand and assist them whichever platform they themselves are most comfortable using.

buttonSamples of Work 

It is difficult to demonstrate a proficiency in something that doesn't leave any discernable product. My student records are, of course, confidential.

For a demonstration in my skill with any given application, feel free to contact me.

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