Proficiency C

Demonstrate knowledge of uses of multimedia, hypermedia, telecommunications, and distance learning to support teaching/learning.

 Level: Advanced



The best way for students to learn new technologies is for them to practice them in context. I provided students with practice using many different types of technology in the Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat lesson cycle. Students use the Web, email, word processing, database, spreadsheet and distance learning applications to communicate and complete their project.

Keeping communication open between students, teachers and parents is crucial to success in school. I make an effort to communicate with parents using a variety of methods, including regular newsletters, phone calls and email.

I am very comfortable working with computer hardware, and, with the help of my students, I plan to purchase and install a network of used computers in the classroom. My expertise in computer hardware and software will always be available to my students; I can help them troubleshoot their own computer problems rather than waiting for school technical staff to assist me.

buttonSamples of Work 

The Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat lesson cycle, along with the associated telecollaborative learning project and all accompanied handouts, can be found here.

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