The Internet Insect Scavenger Hunt!

Ms. Rohde's 4th Grade, Bloomingtown Elementary School

Instructions: A scavenger hunt is a game in which you try to find all the items on a list. Usually scavenger hunts are done in real life, where you actually have to walk from place to place, but for this scavenger hunt, you'll find your items on the Internet!

You need to find insects that have the characteristics listed in the Insect Checklist. You can visit any of the web sites listed at the bottom of this page, or any other insect web sites you find on your own. When you find an insect that has the characteristics you're looking for, write down the name of the insect (the common name is fine; you don't need the Latin name!) and why you think it has that characteristic. Also write down the name and URL for that web site on your Insect Checklist. (Remember: The URL and title of the page can be found at the top of your web browser window.)

Remember, there are lots of "right answers" to each of the questions!

Example: Tanisha clicks on the link to the Book of Insect Records, then scrolls down and clicks on "Longest Life Cycle." She discovers that the insect with the longest known life cycle is a wood-boring beetle which stays in the larva stage for as long as 51 years!! On her Insect Checklist, under "Lives a long time," she writes:

Characteristic Which Insect? Why? Site Name Site URL
Lives a long time Wood-boring beetle It can live as a larva for as long as 51 years Book of Insect Records

Click here for a copy of the Insect Checklist.

There are three Follow-Up Questions at the bottom of your Checklist. When you're done with the scavenger hunt, work with your partner to answer the questions, then write them on a separate sheet of paper.

Insect Web Sites

General Insect Web Sites Web Sites About Different Kinds of Insects

Good Luck!