The Internet Insect Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Name ___________________________________________________ Date _________________

Characteristic Which Insect? Why? Site Name Site URL
Lives a long time
Wood-boring beetle Can have a larva stage that lasts as long as 51 years Book of Insect Records
Has a stinger        
Fights to defend its home        
Has a queen        
Eats the nectar of flowers        
Has ears        
Has two sets (pairs) of wings        
Makes a noise we can hear        
Goes through complete metamorphosis        
Lives in the midwest (Michigan or other nearby states)        
Eats rotten food (yuck!)        

Follow-Up Questions: When you're done with the scavenger hunt, talk about these questions with your partner. Then, write your answers to the questions on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. Which was the hardest insect characteristic to find? Why?
  2. Describe the strategy you used to find the answer to the first question.
  3. Did your strategy change as you answered more questions? If so, how did it change?