Proficiency G

Use information technology to enhance continuing professional development as an educator.

 Level: Advanced



I am a member of the Michigan Library Association and the American Library Association, and I participate actively in the Youth division and the Young Adult division of both. I regularly attend and participate in conferences for teachers and library professionals.

For the past four years, I have actively participated in three professional email lists: LM_NET (for school media specialists), YALSA-BK (for young adult librarians) and PUBYAC (for children's and young adult librarians), each of which receives over a hundred messages every day. I find these lists to be invaluable in solving problems and staying in touch with other professionals, and I am constantly employing ideas and products described by the other participants in these "collective brains."

buttonSamples of Work 

  • I designed and maintain a web site on Booklists for Young Adults on the Web to support teachers and librarians who serve young adults. The site has received over 40,000 hits in the past year.
  • My posts from the previous several years can be found in the YALSA-BK archives. An example of the kind of sharing of information we do on these email lists can be seen here.

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