Proficiency A

Design, develop and implement student learning activities that integrate information technology for a variety of student grouping strategies and diverse student populations.

 Level: Basic



When technology is used in the classroom, students must understand that the technology itself is an extension of the activity, not a goal in itself. In my lesson, "Creating a Butterfly Garden," the use of Power Point helps present the information in such a way that the students integrate their understanding of the name of each butterfly, what it looks like, and its habitat and diet. The bright colors and movement of the Power Point presentation help keep the students excited and motivated.

Students work together as individuals, in small groups, and as a whole class to create their butterfly garden. Each student chooses a butterfly to research and present to the class. Activities address the needs of students with many learning styles, including auditory (hearing the lesson), visual (Power Point) and kinesthetic (planting the garden).

Students who have special needs can participate in the lesson in a variety of ways, including drawing pictures of butterflies or the butterfly garden, pairing with other students to read and look at pictures of their chosen butterfly, and helping to plant the seedlings. Activities such as the HyperStudio stack also help students with physical disabilities feel involved in the process of discovery and provides them with an interactive learning experience they may not otherwise have.

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