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Teaching Your Kids About Sex:

Picture Books

"Mommy Laid an Egg" From Kirkus Reviews, 06/15/93:

The full facts about human reproduction, ingeniously set in a story about parents who are offering their son and daughter some whimsical explanations--``You were delivered by a dinosaur'' or ``Sometimes you just find them under stones''--while the humor of these possibilities is dramatized in Cole's vibrant, cartoony illustrations. After Mom avers, ``You can grow them from seeds...Or just squeeze them out of tubes!'' and Dad chimes ``Mommy laid an egg,'' the kids take the discussion in hand. Laughing off the nonsense and remarking that ``You were right about the SEEDS, the TUBE, and the EGG,'' they describe what really happens, illustrating with explicit kindergarten-style drawings--a remarkably innovative way to offer diagrams that are clear without being uncomfortably detailed; there are even four ``ways mommies and daddies fit together,'' their faces expressing engagingly childlike glee. The lesson continues until ``out pops the baby.'' ``So now YOU know,'' conclude the sensible tots to their wide-eyed parents (whose cheeks have gone much pinker, the only suggestion that this could be embarrassing), ``...and so does everyone else,'' as they open the door to a slew of animals and their young. For those who choose to share these specifics with young children, a notably fresh, matter-of-fact approach.

(Picture book. 4-8) -- Copyright 1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.
This text refers to the hardcover edition of this title.

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